What’s on the menu for today? Here’s our home shopping menu

Our home shopping delivery service continues for those who live in and around Lecco. A phone call is all it takes to stock up on organic products, without leaving home. Call (+39) 0341 370 186 or send a message by WhatsApp) to place your order and book delivery, which will arrive in our own I Genuini van. But what can you put on the shopping list? In addition to all our usual specialities, we have plenty of other food and also non-food products available. Below you will find our main menu, to help make choosing easier. For fresh products, our proposals change every week, depending on availability. Ask for the updated list via Messenger from our I Genuini Facebook page.

Fresh baked goods 
Traditional bread: white, wholemeal, rye, khorasan wheat, einkorn wheat, durum wheat, multi-grain, Senatore Cappelli wheat.
Grape bread
Chocolate bread
Walnut and fig bread
Fresh gluten-free bread (on request): buckwheat, corn, rice, quinoa, legume flour
Sliced specialities: pizza Margherita, plain focaccia bread, focaccia with vegetables, focaccia with cherry tomatoes, focaccia with olives, Recco-style focaccia.
Pastries and cakes: brioches, Gramolino bread, Kranz cake, puff pastries, shortbreads, biscuits, almond pastries, vegan Baci di Dama “Lady’s Kisses” chocolate and hazelnut sandwich biscuits, blueberry and apricot jam tarts (270g), classic cakes, Venetian pastries, Bisciola fruit and nut bread, traditional corn and rice cakes, and, on request, Pan dei Morti “Bread of the Dead” biscuits, Colomba Easter “Dove” cakes, Panettone Christmas cakes, Chiacchere Carnival fritters.
Fresh pasta and dough (on request): gnocchi, ricotta and spinach ravioli, pumpkin ravioli, tagliatelle, pizza dough.

I Genuini brand products: biscuits, melba toasts, breadsticks, brioches, breakfast pastries, breading, tarts, cakes and other pastry products. All available with common wheat, whole wheat, khorasan wheat, einkorn wheat or rye flour, with gluten-free variants on request.

Other strictly natural and organic food products: pasta e riso; frutta e verdura; uova, zuccheri, farine e prodotti per la panificazione; latte fresco e a lunga conservazione; acqua, vino, birra e bevande non alcoliche; formaggi freschi e stagionati; affettati e prodotti da allevamento; tofu, seitan e prodotti vegetariani; prodotti sottolio, sottaceto e altri prodotti a lunga conservazione; olio, aceto, salse e condimenti; brodi vegetali; prodotti per la prima colazione; cioccolato, caramelle ed altri snack per sportivi; marmellate e miele; prodotti vegan e gluten free.

Other products: home, beauty and personal health products; dietary supplements; essential oils; sunscreen products.

If you need more information, call or write to us here.

And you’ll be able to shop for I Genuini products even if you live further afield than Lecco, via our online shop, coming soon on our site. Watch this space!