Terms and Conditions of Use

Access to and use of the Site are activities governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Use. Access to and use of the Site, as well as the purchase

Terms and Conditions of Use

Access to and use of the Site are activities governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Use. Access to and use of the Site, as well as the purchase of products from the Site, presuppose that these General Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, have been read, understood and accepted. This Site is managed and maintained by I Genuini S.a.s. di Cesare and Pierfranco Regazzoni, with registered office in Via Virgilio N.2, 23990 Lecco, Italy, VAT 02099750131, hereinafter referred to as “I Genuini”.

For assistance and information regarding orders, shipments and the refund and return of products purchased on the Site, feedback and other any general information regarding the services provided by the Site and by I Genuini, the user may contact I Genuini by e-mail at the address assistenza@igenuini.it. For any other legal information, the user should consult the relevant sections of the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. I Genuini may modify or update the General Terms and Conditions of Use in whole or in part. Users will be notified of modifications and updates to the General Conditions of Use as soon as they are adopted via publication on the Site in this same section. Users who do not agree, in whole or in part, with the General Conditions of Use of the Site, should not use the Site.

Access to and use of the Site, including viewing web pages, communicating with I Genuini, downloading information on products and purchasing them on the Site, are activities conducted by the user exclusively for personal uses unrelated to any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity. By accessing the Site, the user is solely and exclusively liable for their use of it and of its contents. I Genuini shall not be held liable for any use of the Site or its contents by any of its users contrary to law, without prejudice to any liability on the part of I Genuini’s in case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence. In particular, the user is solely and exclusively liable for the provision and improper use of information and data that is incorrect, false or relates to any third parties that have not given their consent.

Finally, since all material is downloaded or obtained through use of the service entirely at the user’s own choice and risk, any liability for damage to computer systems or loss of data resulting from downloads shall be attributable to the user, and may, therefore, not be attributed to I Genuini. I Genuini declines all liability for any damage resulting from lack of accessibility to the services on the Site or in relation to viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, deletion of contents, network connection problems, providers, telephone connections, remote connections, unauthorized access, data alterations, or faulty electronic equipment in the possession of the user.

The user is responsible for safeguarding and proper use of their personal information, including credentials allowing access to reserved services, as well as for any harmful consequence or prejudice that may arise against I Genuini or third parties as a result of improper use, loss or theft of such information. All images on the Site are for illustrative purposes only.

Privacy policy

You, the user, are invited to carefully read the Privacy Policy in order to understand how the Site collects and uses your personal data and for what purposes, also in cases in which you access the Site or use its related services but do not purchase any products.

Intelectual Property Rights

All contents, in any format, published on the Site, including web pages, graphics, colours, diagrams, tools, fonts, website design, figures, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software that are part of the Site, are protected by copyright and the intellectual property rights of I Genuini and other corresponding rights holders. Reproduction, in whole or in part, in any form, of the Site or of its contents, without the express written consent of I Genuini is prohibited. I Genuini has the exclusive right to authorize or prohibit the whole, partial, direct, indirect, temporary and permanent reproduction of the Site and of its contents in any way or form.

Regarding use of the Site, the user is only authorized to: (i) view the website and its contents; (ii) carry out temporary acts of transitory or ancillary reproduction, without economic significance, that constitute an integral and essential part of the visualization of the Site and its contents; (iii) perform all other navigation operations on the website that constitute legitimate use of the Site and of its contents.

Any further act of reproduction must be singularly and expressly authorized by I Genuini, or, if necessary, by the authors of the individual works contained on the Site. Such acts of reproduction must, in any case, be carried out for lawful purposes and in compliance with copyright and the other intellectual property rights of I Genuini and the authors of the individual works contained on the website. The authors of individual works published on the Site have, at any time, the right to claim the authorship of their works and to oppose any deformation, mutilation or other modification of the works themselves, including any act causing damage to the works, their honour or their reputation.

The user undertakes to respect the copyright of any artists who have chosen to publish their works on the Site or who have collaborated with the Site owner in the creation of new expressive and artistic forms intended to be published, even if not exclusively, on the Site, or which form an integral part of it. Furthermore, the user is not, under any circumstances, authorized to use, in any way or form, the contents of the website or single works protected by copyright or any other intellectual property right.

Links to other websites

The Site contains hyperlinks (also referred herein as “links”) to other websites unrelated to the Site itself. I Genuini does not control or monitor such websites or their contents. I Genuini shall not be held liable for the contents of such sites and the rules adopted by them regarding users’ privacy and the processing of their personal data during navigation. Therefore, we recommend that users take care when connecting to such websites via the links on the Site, and carefully read the respective terms and conditions of use and privacy policies of such sites. These General Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy shall not apply to websites managed by other parties other than I Genuini. The Site provides links to other websites solely to facilitate its users in searching and browsing and to facilitate hypertext links on the internet to other websites. The use of links on the Site does not imply any recommendation or promotion by I Genuini to access or browse such websites, nor any guarantee of their contents, services or the goods supplied by them and sold to internet users.

Applicable law

These General Conditions of Use are governed by the italian law.

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