“Farm to Fork”, sustainability and organic farming for the future

Il Bio al centro della strategia Farm to Fork

Sustainable, healthy and ethical food. Organic farming, whole grains, biodiversity. For those who know I Genuini, these are certainly not new concepts. Ever since 1982, we have made organic farming the backbone of our business, carefully selecting the flours of many different cereals and making healthy bread and specialities accessible to all, in an ethical and transparent way. However, recently, some very interesting news has arrived, for us and for everyone. These elements have, in fact, been at the centre of a high-profile campaign by the European Commission entitled “Farm to Fork”, that is from the producer to the consumer.

Pass or fail: Organic is the key to change for the better

The campaign forms the basis on which all future agriculture and food consumption policies of the European Union will be based. Its central document aims to build a food chain based on sustainability at the service of consumers, producers, the climate and the environment. And the European Commission has drawn up a list of ways to pass and fail in achieving this goal. Ways to fail include the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, long supply chains and low cost agriculture. Ways to pass include the promotion of organic agriculture, biodiversity, whole grains and transparent labelling. At the centre of the “Farm to Fork” strategy is precisely the philosophy of organic farming. The European Commission plans to issue an action plan to further support and promote the transition to this type of cultivation, which respects people’s health and the environment, and has positive effects on biodiversity.

Good news for health and the environment

The “Farm to Fork” initiative is, of course, excellent news for businesses such as I Genuini that have been working for years to give people the opportunity to eat properly, with healthy, high quality foods, prepared with raw ingredients produced by respecting the times of nature. In short, there promise to be some very important developments in terms of European policy to look out for. In the meantime, we will continue to carry out our commitment, day after day. Because, for I Genuini, the choice of using organic ingredients is, first of all, one of passion, of family tradition, and of the expression of the values we believe in.