The Savoyard: a biscuit of noble origins

It seems that the origins of the Savoyard biscuit date back to 1300, when, in order to welcome the French royals at the court of Savoy, Amadeus VI ordered his cook to prepare a new kind of biscuit to impress his guests.

Thanks to its resounding success, the delicate, crumbly, elongated biscuit took the name of Savoy, becoming one of the most coveted treats for guests of the House of Savoy, and later a Piedmontese speciality famous across Italy and the whole world.

Another common name for it is the “spoon biscuit”, because of its shape and consistency, which makes it particularly suitable for spooning up creams and mousses. And how could we not mention tiramisu and trifle?

Light, soft and handy for cooking, Savoyard biscuits are also very simple to make. 

We prepare them with fresh eggs, raw cane sugar, type 0 soft Italian-style wheat flour, potato starch, whole virgin honey, baking powder and pure vanillin..

And you?